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Version: 5.4.5



A hook which allows to setup callbacks when a combination of keys are pressed at the same time.


An important difference between useKey and useKeys is that useKey checks if EITHER of the keys in the list is pressed, while useKeys checks if ALL of the keys in the list are active.


npm install --save rooks

Importing the hook​

import { useKeys } from 'rooks';


function Demo() {
const containerRef = React.useRef(document);
const inputRef = React.useRef(null);
const [isEventActive, setIsEventActive] = React.useState(true);
const [firstCallbackCallCount, setFirstCallbackCallCount] = React.useState(0);
['ControlLeft', 'KeyS'],
() => {
alert('you presses ctrlLeft + s');
setFirstCallbackCallCount(firstCallbackCallCount + 1);
target: containerRef,
when: isEventActive,
['m', 'r'],
(event) => {
// event.stopPropagation();
console.log('here you go m and r');
when: isEventActive,
target: inputRef,
return (
<div data-testid="container">
<p data-testid="first-callback">
Callback Run Count:
<p>Is events enabled ? ==> {isEventActive ? 'Yes' : 'No'}</p>
<p>Press CtrlLeft + s to see update in count</p>
onClick={() => {
Toggle event enabled
<div className="grid-container">
<input ref={inputRef} className="box1" tabIndex={1} />

render(<Demo />);

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