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Version: 5.7.2



Toggle (between booleans or custom data)hook for React.


npm install --save rooks

Importing the hook​

import { useToggle } from "rooks";


const customToggleFunction = (v) => (v === "start" ? "stop" : "start");

function Demo() {
const [value1, toggleValue1] = useToggle();
const [value2, toggleValue2] = useToggle(true);
const [value3, toggleValue3] = useToggle("start", customToggleFunction);

return (
<button onClick={toggleValue1}>{value1.toString()}</button>
<hr />
<h3>Initial true</h3>
<button onClick={toggleValue2}>{value2.toString()}</button>
<hr />
<h3>Custom values</h3>
<button onClick={toggleValue3}>{value3}</button>

render(<Demo />);


ArgumentsTypeDescriptionDefault value
initialValuebooleanInitial value of the statefalse
toggleFunctionfunctionFunction which determines how to toggle a valuev => !v

Returned array items​

Returned Array itemsTypeDescription
valueAnyCurrent value
toggleValuefunctionToggle function which changes the value to the other value in the list of 2 acceptable values. (Mostly true or false)

Codesandbox Example​

Basic Usage​

Join Bhargav's discord server​

You can click on the floating discord icon at the bottom right of the screen and talk to us in our server.