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Version: 5.7.2



useSessionstorage is deprecated, it will be removed in rooks v7. Please use useSessionstorageState instead.


Session storage react hook. Easily manage session storage values.


npm install --save rooks

Importing the hook​

import { useSessionstorage } from "rooks";


function Demo() {
const [value, set, remove] = useSessionstorage("my-value", 0);
// Can also be used as {value, set, remove}

return (
Value is {value}{" "}
<button onClick={() => set(value !== null ? parseFloat(value) + 1 : 0)}>
<button onClick={remove}>Remove </button>

render(<Demo />);


ArgumentsTypeDescriptionDefault value
keystringKey of the value to be storedundefined
defaultValueanyDefault value of the stored itemnull

Returned items​

// can be an array or object
const [value, set, remove] = useSessionstorage("my-value", 0);
const {value, set, remove} = useSessionstorage("my-value", 0);
Returned itemsTypeDescription
valueanythe value stored in sessionStorage
set(newValue: any) => voidSet the value to newValue
remove() => voidRemove the value stored in sessionStorage

Codesandbox Example​

Basic Usage​

Join Bhargav's discord server​

You can click on the floating discord icon at the bottom right of the screen and talk to us in our server.