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Version: 5.7.3



useVisibilitySensor is deprecated, it will be removed in rooks v7. Please use useInViewRef instead.


Visibility sensor hook for React.


npm install --save rooks

Importing the hook​

import { useVisibilitySensor } from "rooks";


function Demo() {
const rootNode = useRef(null);
const { isVisible, visibilityRect } = useVisibilitySensor(rootNode, {
intervalCheck: false,
scrollCheck: true,
resizeCheck: true,
return (
<div ref={rootNode}>
{isVisible ? "Visible" : isVisible === null ? "Null" : "Not Visible"}

render(<Demo />);

It checks whether an element has scrolled into view or not. A lot of the logic is taken from react-visibility-sensor and is rewritten for the hooks proposal.

Note: This is using the new React Hooks API Proposal which is subject to change until React 16.7 final.

You'll need to install react, react-dom, etc at ^16.7.0-alpha.0


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Returned Object keys​

Returned object attributesTypeDescription
isVisibleBooleanIs Ref visible or not
visibilityRectObjectVisibilityRectangle containing coordinates of the container


The first argument of the useVisibilitySensor hook is a ref, the second argument is an options object. The available options are as follow:

intervalCheck: false - Accepts int | bool, if an int is supplied, that will be the interval in ms and it keeps checking for visibility

partialVisibility: false - Accepts bool | string : Tells the hook if partial visibility should be considered as visibility or not. Accepts false and directions top, bottom, left and right

containment: null - A DOMNode element which defaults to window. The element relative to which visibility is checked against

scrollCheck: true - A bool to determine whether to check for scroll behavior or not

scrollDebounce: 250 - The debounce ms for scroll

scrollThrottle: -1 - The throttle ms for scroll. If throttle > -1, debounce is ignored.

resizeCheck: false - A bool to determine whether to check for resize behavior or not

resizeDebounce: 250 - The debounce ms for resize

resizeThrottle: -1 - The throttle ms for resize. If throttle > -1, debounce is ignored.

shouldCheckOnMount: true - A bool which determines whether an initial check on first render should happen or not.

minTopValue: 0 - An int top value to determine what amount of top visibility should be considered for visibility


  • [x] Init
  • [x] Scroll and Resize support
  • [x] Debounce and throttling
  • [x] Option to opt-out of initial check on mount
  • [x] Documentation of all options
  • [x] Tests _ WIP _
  • [ ] More examples _ WIP _

Codesandbox Example​

Basic Usage​

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