Use Fullscreen API to make beautiful and immersive experience. Present desired content using the entire user's screen. Commonly used in browser games or other applications using canvases.


import React, { useRef } from "react";
import { useFullscreen } from "rooks";
export default function UseFullscreenTest() {
const fullscreenContainerRef = useRef<Element>(null);
const {
} = useFullscreen({ target: fullscreenContainerRef });
return (
<div ref={fullscreenContainerRef}>
{isFullscreenAvailable ? (
<button onClick={toggleFullscreen}>
{isFullscreenEnabled ? 'Disable fullscreen' : 'Enable fullscreen'}
) : (
<p>Fullscreen API is not available.</p>
<p>Other content which won't be visible while in fullscreen mode...</p>


An object with the following optional properties:

Argument valueTypeDescription
options.targetReact.RefObject<Element>React's ref to DOM node which should be present in fullscreen mode
options.onChange(event: Event) => voidCallback function to be called on fullscreenchange event
options.onError(event: Event) => voidCallback function to be called on fullscreenerror event
options.requestFullscreenOptionsFullscreenOptionsrequestFullscreen options as defined here

If the target property is not specified, the whole document will be rendered in fullscreen mode.


Returns an object with following properties:

Property NameTypeDescription
isFullscreenAvailablebooleanWhether the Fullscreen API is available
isFullscreenEnabledbooleanWhether the fullscreen is enabled
enableFullscreen() => Promise<void>Enable the fullscreen
disableFullscreen() => Promise<void>Disable the fullscreen
toggleFullscreen() => Promise<void>Toggle the fullscreen


  • Before using Fullscreen API, one should check if it is available using isFullscreenAvailable property. Otherwise, all method calls will result in an error.
  • If the target is an <iframe>, it must have the allowfullscreen attribute applied to it.
  • All methods should be called while responding to a user interaction or a device orientation change. Otherwise, such operations will result in an error (eg., you cannot enable the fullscreen on component render using the useEffect hook).

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