Rooks Versions

New versions of this project are released every so often.

Current version (Stable)

v4.11.0DocumentationRelease Notes

This is the version that is configured automatically when you first install this project.

Pre-release versions

masterDocumentationSource Code

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Past Versions

Here you can find previous versions of the documentation.

NextDocumentationRelease Notes
v4.10.1DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.10.0DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.9.2DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.9.1DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.9.0DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.8.1DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.8.0DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.7.1DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.7.0DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.6.1DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.6.0DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.5.0DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.4.0DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.3.0DocumentationRelease Notes
v4.0.0DocumentationRelease Notes
v3.6.0DocumentationRelease Notes

You can find past versions of this project on GitHub.